Binding principles of conduct

The Haniel Holding Company itself, as well as through its divisions, is active in many different economic and social systems, and thus encounters differing cultural and national standards as well as legal regulations. It is precisely this that makes it essential that all employees at every level of the Company share the same values of openness and integrity. Essential components of the Haniel culture are the principles of legality, incorruptibility and fair competition. Haniel expressly commits to the principle of fair competition in the Code of Conduct. In addition, it sets out the principles of conduct for employees of the Holding Company, so that they neither offer nor accept inappropriate favours, they reject all forms of discrimination, and they disclose any conflicts of interest between their business and private affairs. Such principles of conduct are in place Group-wide. In addition, all divisions have a compliance management system that assists in preventing, detecting and eliminating abuses.