On the right path

On the right

In July 2015, Haniel’s Management Board and the CEOs of the divisions travelled to Silicon Valley. There, they got a taste of the pioneering digital spirit and had a look at which developments there could provide an impetus for their own business activities. The top executives shared their impressions at the Haniel management conference, which also addressed the issue of digitalisation. Teams from the divisions developed digital prototypes for the Haniel Group Conference within a mere ten weeks. For example, the team of CWS-boco which presented its smart clothing product idea: clothing that uses radio waves to detect whether the employee is wearing the proper protective clothing for the assigned task. Or which provides information as to when the next cleaning or repair is necessary.

Smart fabrics
CWS-boco presents intelligent workwear which communicates with its wearer.

The workshops held in advance of the 2015 Haniel Group Conference tested
for the first time the approach that will be applied for Schacht One. You can
see the video here: